Sooty at 12 weeks old. Fall 2001.
Sooty being a cutie her first week with me, 11 weeks old. Fall 2001.
Sooty stacking great for a 12 week old pup! Fall 2001.

Sooty getting some show work before her first match. Winter 2001, 3 months.
Sooty's adorable face! Fall 2001, 11 weeks.
Soot-stuff looking cute, as usual! Winter 2001, 3 months.

Soots taking a rest after lots of play in the mud! Winter 2001, 4 months.
That book must taste great! Fall 2001, 12 weeks.

Sooty sitting very nicely. Spring 2002, 7 months
Sooty exploring the pasture. Winter 2002, 5 months.
Sooty showing off her brand new collar. Winter 2002, 4 months.

Sooty bringing me a very big stick! Winter 2002, 5 months.
And bringing me a chukar, though she didn't really want to give it to me! Winter 2002, 4 months.
And she'll even bring me leaves! Winter 2002, 5 months.

Soot sitting for me, but looking at the chickens! Spring 2002, 7 months.
Sooty throwing grass. For some reason she just loves to do this. I think this is one of the silliest things she does! Winter 2002, 5 months.
Soots sitting for the camera, and the treat! Spring 2002, 6 months.

Sooty showing off one of her tricks, and waving with two paws (or sitting up)!! What a cute puppy! Summer 2002, 8 months.

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