Olivia at 6 Weeks old. Fall 1994.
Olivia drinking at a near by park. Summer 1999.
Olivia at 7 and a half years old. Spring 2002.
Olivia bringing in the Rooster Pheasant. Winter 2001.
A great flush! Fall 2001.
Olivia at 7 and a half years. Spring 2002
And she can catch too! Summer 2001.
Olivia and her sister, Clover. Spring 1998.
Olivia being a retriever. Spring 2001.
Olivia taking a break on a nice soft mossy log. Spring 2001.
Olivia practicing that obedience. Spring 2001
Olivia wearing her IABCA medal after she got her Championship. Spring 2001
Olivia as a young girl. Summer 1995
Olivia's movement. Fall 2000.
Olivia relaxing before our ring time. Spring 2001.
Olivia in Agility. Fall 1999.
Olivia bringing another pheasant rooster to me. Winter 2002.
Olivia showing that she CAN do Open, sometimes... Summer 2001.

This group of pictures were a project I did for 4H.

I took four good pictures of Olivia and created a pattern from them to make this cross stitch (center picture).

I did the entire project on the computer without a cross stitch program. The whole project took about a year to do, with most of the time actually working on the cross stitch and only about a month to create the pattern.

All my hard work paid off though when this project won Grand Champion shop project for the year 2001, over a very nice statue of a Bosten Terrier, and a great looking dog house too!

Olivia's and my first Best in Junior Showmanship at PSLRA 1999. This was our first time in AKC Junior Showmanship.

I must really thank the judge, Beckie Jensen of Timberline Labradors, for this win, because I may not have continued in my showing if it hadn't been for that great first win! The trophy presenter is Allison Hillius of Devonshire Labradors.

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