This is where they let me set up my computer last time...
This is how I had to set it up this time
Olivia lookin oh so comfy!
Sooty was lookin comfy too, till I moved, then she jus followed...
... and ended up behind my chair!

Farm stuff! My chores for the weekend mostly consisted of takin care of all these guys!

Crazy turkeys always followin ya
Older sheeps area, with Buster. kinda
Jimmy, our only ram, and daddy to the newborns.
Our first lamb of the year, Valentine. Wonder when he was born, hehe. Lambda's lamb.
Newest and 2nd lamb. Born on Thursday night/Friday morning. Dallie's baby.
She is un-named as of right now, we're trying to think of a good name.
Buster caught sneakin the good hay from Dallie's feeder!

After feeding the adult sheep, I went to feed the ever growing Cocoa, our only cow... She was a bit pushy and so didn't get a picture of her. So then moved on to the yearling lambs.

Della, Dallie's first lamb, and jus as sweet as her momma!
Cream is our only non Scottie lamb, and so cute with her all white face!
Dot is our oldest lamb from last year, Delta's lamb.
This is as close as Luna would come to me, bout 10 feet, she is still so shy! Doughnut's baby.
My chicken! Dave named her Barbie Chick, which is an interesting story, but comes from how Olivia is nicknamed Barbie Dog...
New ducklings! The mom is a Muscovy, but they are so broody who knows what the ducklings are, they could be anything!

Ok... so the first farm chores are done, dogs have been fed and taken care of, cat's have food, all the farm animals have food and water... It's 2:33 now and time for shower then my breakfast!!
Yay! tha's my property! A few years ol... so our new garage, arena an such arn't there but still.

This is what I did last night (mon night), when I was bored...

This is the first background I made. Yay RuD3_G1RL_J3NN!
Here's first part of the second. I had to keep savin sections cause I kept changin what I wanted to do.
Here's second part of second background.
And my final second background. I like this one!
Olivia and Sooty sleepin while I was workin on backgrounds... so cute!!!
Umm... yeah... I didn't take this so I don know how it got on here, but here's Kiss either way!
I decided to catch little Valentine...
He's not as little as he looks!
an is a squirmy bugger!
Dave holdin the new baby lamb before ear tag an shots
and after ear tags and shots with my mom too
Finally a picture of Latte! She's Creams momma.
Buster Brown!