My new minivan!!! Yay!!
1995 Plymouth Voyager!
Like my mom's... only better!!!
3.3 V6 engine!! Very clean too!
Olivia with her new giant HiYa toy
Sooty chillin where she shouldn't
My puppy, Sooty, bein cute!!
back: Loni, Penny, Sooty. front:Kiss, Clifford, Olivia. hiding: Clover
My kitten, Spikette, bein cute!!
My mom gave Dave an I these really awesome gifts for christmas. Paintings of our dogs from real pictures.
I actually took this picture, and it's my favorite picture of Olivia. The painting is really great, and looks so much like the picture!
Hehe, this was my present to my bro, a cd with that HUGE bow!! Yay!
This is the painting my mom gave to Dave of Penny.
I took this picture too, and Dave liked it so much he actually gave me somethin in return for taking it.
Yay! What I've done so much over break, sittin on my computer chattin on AIM!! If I remember right, I'm talkin to Dan here!
Now speakin of pictures I've taken here are a few of my favs. This is Olivia havin some fun, my mom actually had this pic turned into a stained glass for my graduation out of 4H.
Olivia after a fun morning of hunting pheasant in Ellensburg.
Dave and Kiss after her first hunting trip, an her first pheasant. I love how she's looking to Dave to see if she did well!
This is my step nephew, Eli James, sleeping on his first Christmas. He's 3 months old.
One of my favorite spots in Richland lookin out onto the Columbia River, not a 5 min walk from my house.
Bryan had some fun taking Kiss out hunting on the Columbia when she was visiting after Christmas, I guess they got about 18 ducks that day, but this is what was left after the other hunters took part.
Hehe, this is how Olivia went into the new year!
And right next to Olivia this is how Sooty went into the new year!
My tired pups tryin to fit into one dog bed.
My Sooty bein cute! At about 16 months old.
My little Charm... Such a small girl to leave such a big print on my life. Her story is a long an sad one, but basically she's Olivia's pup, and Sooty's half sister. This was a picture I took on her first, and last, time out in the grass. I miss her so much.
Olivia sittin for the camera! She's about 8 years 3 months old.
Me showin Olivia at the PSLRA Match year an a half ago. We won that day!
My pups Sooty an Olivia!
Me stackin Sooty up for the camera. It was interesting cause I took this picture too, now that takes skill! Or luck...
Here's a pic I jus found of Sooty at about 3 months old, just after she came home to me!
Sooty takin a rest from runnin round like a crazy pup!
And showin off her great expression, an beautiful head!
Now some farm animals! Here are our three Buff Orpington chickens, they are about 9 months old.
Here are all of our turkeys, the four in front are Bourbon Reds, and the three behind them are Eastern Wilds.
Here's our lone calf Coco! She's about 7 months old.