My Animals!!

This is a page about well, what else, my animals! All of these guys are mine in one way or another, either they are actually mine, or I like to consider them mine. So here is a bit more about my dogs, cat, fish, and chicken!

My Puppies!

Sooty and Olivia, arn't they cute?!

Olivia's my first dog, she was born in 1994, so shes' almost 10 now. She was my start in dogs, its' all because of her that I got interested in showing and training. My mom is Olivia's breeder and she and her sister are 3rd generation Normandy Labradors (my Mom's kennel). I love this little girl and she is living with me over in Pullman while I go to school at WSU.

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Olivia loves doin agility, especially those tunnels!

Olivia lookin sooo cute, and not at all looking old! Course she's watching me not the cookie.

Sooty is my second dog, she is just adorable and I co-own her with her breeder. She was born in 2001, and so she's just about 3 years old now. I got her when I was very active in training and showing, so she learned a lot in a very little amount of time. She is my lap dog, my foot warmer and my car companion. She can go literally anywhere with me and she would prefer if I let her. She is currently living with her breeder, and visit's me on occasion.

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Sooty showin her crazy side! She definately still acts like a puppy!

Sooty is such a cutie pie! Just wish she would mature a little more so I can show her!

My Cat!

My cute kitten Spikette!

Spikette (AKA Spike, yea a girl named Spike!) is my kitten, she is so adorable, but can be a real twit at times, she has a slight temper, and I have the scars to prove it. She is so soft she still feels like a kitten at about 9 years old! I miss her and I love seeing her when I go back home.

My Fish!

On the left is my tank, a 5 gallon hexagon tank. And on the right you can see all of my fish (my frog is hiding).

This is the first fish tank I've set up, and it's a whole lot of fun so far. I started with 6 different fish, a black phantom tetra, a red phantom tetra, an x-ray tetra, a rasbora het, a flounder and a frog. I got another rasbora het a few days later as they show their colors best when they have a partner. My newish fish is a marble hatchet, who likes to chill on the surface of the water. So my current count is 8, and they seem happy as can be!

Here are my two rasbora's, my black phantom and my x-ray tetra.

My x-ray again, along with my red phantom and a rasbora

My two rasbora het's, they really like to hang out together.

Here is my black phantom again, along with one rasbora and my x-ray tetra.

And a picture of my frog and my flounder (hard to get a good flounder picture)

A picture of my newist fish, my marble hatchet! He's often at the surface of the tank like this, which gives a neat reflection.

My Chicken!

My chicken was named Barbie Chick, she got this name mostly because she was my chicken and my dog was already nicknamed Barbie Dog. She was a great chicken, but sadly dissapeared about a year ago, and we have the feeling she was killed by some wild life in the area. Either way here are some pictures of her!