Ok so it gets kinda odd when you realize there are practically no pictures of me on my website. So... here are some for whoever wants to see them. Yeah, its' just an odd collection but hey, I just don't have many pics of me!
Me showin Brentley at the Lab specialty in '00.
Yay, winning with Clifford!! One of my fav show pics!
Soots and I at our first field event.
Oh man my bro took this pic of me chattin away on my computer.
Hah, a friend decided to take a pic of me while I was tryin on my new skirt, yea odd look on my face is cause I'm lookin in the mirror...
My bro with the camera again, this time while I'm talkin on the phone at his house.
Oh wow, I so don't have any idea who took this pic of my butt!!!