Spot at 9 days, Kona at 1 month old

EverRanch Lambs Grow in June, 2004

Even with this many sheep on our small farm, they don't keep up with the June grass. They just keep growing. There are amazing differences in how fast each grows, though. The cross breds are growing faster, and milky Moms make a difference, too - just like they say in the books! Above are Spot and Kona, Spot is half Scottish Blackface and half Shetland, 9 days old and born to a Mom with lots of milk. Spot is as big as Kona who is purebred Shetland,1 month old and born to a yearling, with less milk.

More photos are below:

The Shetlands still stick together most of the time.
Missy, Diadora, Electra, Asa, Sam, and BlazeShetllands Miss Marble, her Mom, Diadora and half sister Electra. Asa and ram lamb, Sam plus Blaze, Electra's ewe>
...and sometimes they mix in with the ordinary sheep :)
Oreo, Blaze, Kona, Pearl, Solstice, Suzie Here are Oreo with Blaze in front of him, Kona, Pearl, Solstice and Suzie (from left to right, more or less)
June brings out the Ram in some of the boys, leading to separation from the ewes and other lambs - and Weaning!

Rambucktious started harrassing Buster, the llama. Rambucktious would rub his horns on Buster's rear legs, which just drove Buster nuts! Ramboy didn't care how much Buster grumbled, snaked his neck and fumed and spit at him, he'd just stand still, squint his eyes and take it. As soon as Buster quit, Ramboy'd go right back to rubbing on his legs. It was kind of funny to watch the interaction but had to be stopped. So, in with the Rams went Rambucktious and (for company) Napoleon.

Donut missed Napoleon more than Hilda missed Rambucktious. Maybe Hilda found Ramboy obnoxious, too.
At 3 months old, Rambucktious is almost as big as Jasper!
...and noticeably bigger than Napoleon.
Discussion about how horns are inherited prompted these photos of Ewenice. She's the product of a horned ram/horned ewe line (Scottish Blackface) and a polled ram/polled ewe line (Border Leicester), so in theory, she should be polled or maybe scurred. However, she has very substantial looking and feeling horns... or are they scurs???
Sometimes the lambs don't grow quite right. Nate shows off his short lower jaw - Parrot Mouth, a suspected hereditary defect in the lower jaw. He's eating fine, but has been wethered and will help fill someone's larder this fall.
Mom, Doll, doesn't care, though, he's still her Boy. Nate's about 3 months old here and very soon to be weaned.
...and Donut's still calling Napoleon to Supper...
...and he'd rather come back to her than be stuck with all the Big Boys in the Ram pen.
I hope Sam and Suzie appreciate their last few weeks with Mom, Asa.

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