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EverRanch Lambs Grow in 2004

The ewes and lambs started getting out on grass April 23 - Wow! Are they happy sheep:
They still have to spend time in the barn and sacrifice area, though, as they get used to the rich, green grass again.
Napoleon is turning into a pussycat!
They still like their Mommies.
Solstice with Mom, Luna, at 5 weeks oldEweOne and Dallie, 7 weeks old
Luna with daughter Solstice at 5 weeks old.Dallie and EweOne at 7 weeks old.
The lamb races are a kick! They show such joy in scampering and pogoing, kicking and twisting! All the lambs take part, but the Shetlands are the Masters. Below is Suzie leading the pack, followed closely by Sam and Smokey, then Caesar, Pearl and Missy.
Happy Mother's Day, 2004 from
Electra and Blaze!
"Butting heads"
Looks like Caesar's going to come out on the short end of this posturing with Ewenice!
What happens after the lamb races?
Suzie, Sam, Caesar, and Smokey demonstrate.

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