Scotties and Leicesters plus Eliza

Jimmy DeRammy presents EverRanch 2004 Lambs

Jimmy's Harem
Jimmy DeRammy

Jimmy left EverRanch to start a new flock in Stanwood. But first he had the chance to breed these lovely ewes. 10 lambs were born between Feb 25 and March 14. A couple of the lambs and adults are for sale.

Jimmy just sheared
Registered Scottish Blackface Ewes

Lambda is our oldest ewe and has produced very well for us. Twins twice and a nice ram lamb in 2003. We kept her 2001 daughter, Donut. SBSBA registered.

Lambda decided to be coy this year, she chose Ellwood over Jimmy and is due to lamb in May... or maybe early June???

Yee Ha! Lambda finally had the baby... yes, only one(!) and it's a Girl! May 25th about 8:30 pm.

Dallie, S

Dallie was raised from a lamb at EverRanch. We consider her our nicest Scottie ewe. She's had two single ewe lambs for us. One is living on Whidbey Island, the other is still with EverRanch, Damsel, and is for sale. SBSBA registered. Dallie continued her tradition of producing girls, birthing not one but two! ewe lambs on March 4, 2004. Dallie's Girls

EweToo is for sale - $125, EweOne is not for sale at this time.

Donut, Tw

Donut is Lambda's daughter and has a full tail and proper wide-set horns. Donut has produced two nice ewe lambs for us, both are pictured below. SBSBA registered.

Donut's 2004 lamb, Napoleon, was born March 4. He's a big single ram with plenty of spunk. Donut's Boy.

Luna, S

Luna is the daughter of Roger and Donut, born during 2002, EverRanch's first lambing season. Luna is our "cover" lamb. SBSBA registered.

Luna had her first lambs early on March 14. Since the event was expected, she was in the jug already. The "Lamb Cam" alerted me about 3 am that something was about to happen. By 5:40 am she had a lively ewe lamb, Solstice, that was almost born on her feet. 7:10 added a brother, Eclipse. Luna had a tough time for her first lambing. Twins! and the ewe lamb (Solstice) had one foreleg reflexed back, then the ram (Eclipse) had a full set of horn nubbins to pass. Ouch! Luna's being a very attentive Mom.

Solstice is for sale $125; Eclipse has been sold.

Doll, Tw

Doll was born in 2003, so this is her first lambing season. SBSBA registered.

3/3/04 - Doll had a single ram lamb outside in the cold rain! Mother and son moved into the dry barn for warming and bonding. Photos are here.

Doll is sold.

Damsel, S

Dallie's 2003 daughter by Jimmy. Damsel is for sale - she is a nice ewe who placed second in the yearling ewe class at the Western Washington Sheep Show. However, she will jump our short panels if pressed! $125 SBSBA registered.


This lovely ewe lamb is Donut's 2003 daughter, another Jimmy lamb. Krueller is expected to lamb in early May by Shetland, Ellwood. SBSBA registered.

Krueller's ram lamb, Oreo, was born the morning of May 8.

Grade Leicester Ewes

These lambs will be Scottish Greyface/Mule type. A similar type of ewe is used to produce market lambs throughout the UK. The ram lambs are marketed for meat.

Lucy (Sold), White Tr

Lucy is 7/8 Border Leicester and 1/8 Coopworth. She's a 2001 triplet sister to Hilda (below). Lindy (2003, Sold) was her first lamb. Lucy has gorgeous white Border Leicester type wool with wonderful luster. unregistered.

Lucy had a beautiful ewe lamb, Ewenice, on Feb 25th. Unfortunately, her ram twin was stillborn. Ewenice has her own page, and is not for sale.

Hilda (Sold), Black Tr

Hilda is one of Lucy's triplet sisters, 7/8 Border Leicester and 1/8 Coopworth. She has silvery pewter grey wool that is lightening as she gets older, with the wonderful Border Leicester luster. Hortense, below, is Hilda's first lamb (2003). NCWGA registered.

3/1/04 - Hilda had a very black single ram lamb out in the pasture in the warm sunshine! Mother and son are doing nicely. Lamb Photos!. Rambuctious placed THIRD!!! in a large Natural Colored Ram Lamb class at the 2004 Puyallup Fair sheep show.

Hortense, Black S

Hortense is Hilda's daughter, and 1/2 BlueFaced Leicester. She has such wonderful Leicester type wool, that she wears a coat when possible. Hortense placed 6th in a large class of Natural Colored ewe lambs at the 2003 Western Washington Sheep Show, and 6th again in her yearling ewe class at the 2004 show. NCWGA registered.

Hortense delivered her first lambs on March 4. Twins! - Jack (Sold) and Jill ($150).

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