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Bitterroot Jasper's 2004 Harem

Jasper's Harem

Jasper had a total of 6 lambs (4 ewes, 2 rams) at EverRanch from 4 ewes in 2004. Their descriptions are below. Caesar is the only one left for sale, and he's looking pretty nice.

Before leaving Montana, Jasper bred one ewe at Judy Colin's place. He left 2 solid colored ram lambs as his Montana legacy.

Bitterroot Jasper, Grey Katmoget Tw

Jasper joined us in late October. He's a grey Katmoget marked 2002 ram from Judy Colvin's Bitterroot farm. He's a fairly mellow ram with lovely horns, markings, a nice tail and medium to light grey soft fleece. Scrapie ARQ. Fiber Micron Test at 2 years old: AFD 31.0 SD 7.8. (Ab/Aa BB/Bb SS/Ss) NASSA registered.

Breezy Meadow Speckles, Moorit Moget Tw

Speckles is a sassy ewe, first to the feeder and face off with our dogs. She is (de)horned, carries spotting and solid color genetics. She's a proven producer of nice horns and twins. Ellwood and Eliza are her 2003 lambs. Fiber Micron Test at 1 year: 28.1 AFD 8.6 SD. NASSA registered. (Ag/Aa Bb/Bb SS/Ss) For Sale $150

We had Speckles penned next to Eliza while she and Caesar were getting used to each other. We just knew as soon as we let them all out of the jugs, Speckles would have her lambs. Sure enough, on April 5, the day after letting Eliza and Caesar out, Speckles delivered two spunky ewe lambs, Smokey and Pearl. Smokey is not for sale. Pearl is sold.

Puddleduck Venke "Asa", Moorit S

Asa is a proven producer of twins and rams with nice horns. She is a solid moorit with soft fleece and a very correct tail. Her 2003 lambs, Espresso and Egbert, both have crimpy, soft, single type coats. Asa's Fiber Micron Test at 7 years old: AFD 29.0, SD 8.8. (Aa/Aa Bb/Bb SS/SS) NASSA registered.

Asa delivered Jasper's first Katmoget lambs on April 12, Twins!, Sam and Suzie, both sold.

Dodge Diadora, Grey Ilget Tw

Diadora had her first lamb in 2003, Electra. Dia is a friendly, tail wagging ewe with a long, flowing fleece. She carries moorit and has Katmoget and emsket in her background. She was a very striking lamb - white with black spots around her eyes (right photo with her brother, Daniel). Fiber Micron Test at 2 years old: AFD 29.6, SD 8.0. (Ag/A? BB/B? Ss/Ss) NASSA registered. Dia is reserved.

Dia gave birth to black and white spotted Miss Marble at 10 am (Thank you Dia!) on March 28th. Missy is Sold.

Dodge Eliza, Grey Tw

Speckle's 2003 daughter, Eliza was born black with a few white hairs in her ears. She's steadily lightened to a medium, variegated grey. Her lamb fleece is so nice, it will be shown in 2004. (Ag/A? BB/Bb SS/S?) NASSA registered. Sold.

Eliza delivered her ram lamb, Caesar, right on top of one of the Muscovy duck nests in the barn! He looks a lot like she did as a lamb, black with white in his ears, a sign of grey to come. Caesar's for sale at $200.

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