Espresso and Electra

Dodge Ellwood and his Duo

Ellwood's Harem

Ellwood has 2 Shetland "girls" all to himself, although he's with the whole Scottie + Leicester ewe group since Jimmy left. His first lamb, a black ewe out of Dodge Electra, was born on March 25, 2004. He had three others born this year before leaving for his new home in Rochester, Washington. A sassy, solid moorit ewe out of EverRanch Espresso - Kona, and two cross bred Scottish Blackface lambs, a ram out of Krueller and a ewe out of Lambda - Oreo and Spot.

Dodge Ellwood, Black Tw

Ellwood has a long, silky type, nonfading black coat that I'm really looking forward to spinning. He is eye-catchingly handsome with a regal bearing. He carries moorit and spots. NASSA registered. (Sold)

Dodge Electra, Spotted Grey S

Electra is our favorite Shetland Sheep. She comes up for chin scratches and lays down beside us in the pasture. She's spunky and wonderfully soft. Electra was born black and white with considerable brown (phaeomelanin) on her head. Her fleece has to a variegated light grey. We like Electra and her half siblings, Ellwood and Eliza so much that her breeding to Ellwood doubles up on their sire, Gibson Blue NASSA registered.

Electra's first lamb was born early on March 25th. Blaze, a single black ewe with a strip of white on her head! Blaze is extra friendly just like Mom. Blaze has been reserved.

EverRanch Espresso, Moorit Tw

Espresso and her twin Egbert were the last born lambs in 2003. Espresso has surpassed Electra in size and is keeping her red-brown moorit color, and soft, crimpy fleece. We hope for nice, nonfading color expression in this breeding to Ellwood. NASSA registered.

Espresso's moorit ewe lamb "Kona" was born late in the day on May 4. The pair is for sale for $350, or Espresso by herself at $150, or Kona is for sale by herself at $250. Espresso and Kona are reserved.

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